Author Austin Kokel

Austin Kokel is a lifelong metalhead, but between discs of Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity, he always found time to listen to ELP or Jethro Tull, deciding at age 12 that Led Zeppelin's “Achilles' Last Stand” is his favorite song of all-time. A bass player since 13, he actually started his musical life by learning the cello at age 9. He has played cello in The World's Largest Orchestra (1998) and in competitions in Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Orlando, and Valley Forge, as well as in the pit for West Side Story and well into college. He played bass in local metal and rock bands all through high school and college. A prog fan for nearly 20 years, his passion has gone into overdrive since receiving a turntable from his wife and attending Cruise to the Edge in 2015 and MorseFest in 2016. He is a commercial videographer and producer at a TV station, but ever the music buff, his career began in radio. Originally from New Hampshire and raised in Pennsylvania, he and his wife now reside in South Carolina with their three cats.

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