Australian Prog-Metal Heavyweights TERAMAZE Reveal First Single, “Standing Ovation,” From Upcoming Record

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Melbourne’s most intriguing progressive metal band Teramaze continues to push their craft and the entire genre forward into the furthest realms of innovative sound. The band has revealed today, the first single, “Standing Ovation,” from their highly anticipated 11th full-length album “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace,” that is set for release on May 24th via Wells Music.

Talking about the new single “Standing Ovation,” guitarist/vocalist Dean Wells says: “‘Standing Ovation’ sounds like a thrilling anthem, capturing the excitement and energy of Eli’s journey to stardom. With its dynamic guitar riffs/solos and powerful vocal melodies, its a standout track within the story. It encapsulates the pivotal moment when Eli steps into the spotlight and commands the stage, earning the adoration of the crowd with his talent and charisma. It’s the kind of song that leaves a lasting impression and perfectly complements Eli’s rise to fame in the narrative.

Pre-order “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” at THIS LOCATION.

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” is a concept album that finishes the trilogy of their Halo storyline, following 2015’s “Her Halo” and 2021’s “Sorella Minore.”

Commenting on the album’s thematic direction, the band states: “We began with a story of betrayal, love, and wonder told through the album Her Halo. We continued that tale through to a climactic finish with the epic suite Sorella Minore. And now, we have finally brought to you the third installment of the Halo Saga, to bring the whole story together. We take you not forward in time but to the very beginning… Eli – A Wonderful Fall from Grace takes us to A Place Called Halo, the circus where it all began at the height of its popularity. Eli, a shipwreck survivor discovers the traveling tented landscape, and becomes the star attraction… but at a terrible price. Along with a full-length concept album, we finally released the short story that sparked this spell-binding concept all those years ago. Every story has a beginning, and so is Eli – A Wonderful Fall from Grace...”

Hailing from Australia, Teramaze has solidified their place in the international metal scene with their unique blend of technical prowess and emotive storytelling. Led by guitarist, singer, and founding member Dean Wells, Teramaze‘s music weaves together elements of progressive, thrash, and melodic metal, creating a sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre. 

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” Album Artwork

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