At Sonic Perspectives our aim is to provide information and accurate reviews of artists and genres we enjoy. And while we often are excited about the albums we choose to write about, we will approach those articles with an objective and critical ear to give our readers an honest representation of what we think of a particular work. Although a review may be edited/improved for clarity or grammar, the feelings and ratings of the author will not be changed due to favoritism of the main editors, the requests, or the access granted by any band, label, or their management.

Our ratings system is based on songwriting, musicianship, originality, and production, rated on a scale to 10. Songwriting is a reviewers feeling on the compositions and arrangements, while musicianship documents the overall quality of the performances and the playing. Originality can be applied to an artist both against their previous works and to their greater genre as a whole. Production scores the sonic experience of the album, and can include things like a 5.1 mix or a specially mastered vinyl version of an album.

With the 1-10 scale it’s important to note that most items will fall into the 5-10 end of the spectrum not because of bias, but simply because if we come across an album of people who can’t play their instrument or write a competent song, something that would be worth of a 1-3 score, chances are we aren’t being bothered with it. It is also worth noting that although we strive to keep balance between reviewers, there will naturally be some flux in the scale based on who is using it.



You can either send a CD/Vinyl (with band bio/info and photos) to our postal address or send a digital submission using the contact form below. Please, DO NOT contact us asking if it's OK to send your material. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be reading this.

IMPORTANT! Make sure the digital submission includes all info about the band, photos and a link to the material in the body of your message. Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Bandcamp (with a download code) are all accepted. Sending uncompleted stuff, or not including links with the download option will result in your request to be ignored.

We receive many promo packages each week, so please be patient if you don’t hear from us after a few weeks. We do listen to every submission that comes in although it can take some time for us to get to listen to them all. If we like the music we will contact you to know more and to confirm about coverage. Due to heavy workload and severe time restraints we are unable to provide coverage for every single album we get.



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