DÅÅTH – The Deceivers (Album Review)

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Hailing from Atlanta, GA, progressive death metal troupe Dååth were a force to be reckoned with during the 2000s. That said, their 13-year hiatus following 2010’s self-titled fourth album meant that the genre largely moved on without them. As “The Deceivers” proves, however, Dååth are ready to reclaim their crown. Bolstered by a mostly fresh lineup and a newfound drive to dominate the style, the sextet has returned with all the hunger and talent needed to make their comeback as impactful as possible.

Aside from founding guitarist Eyal Levi and brutal vocalist Sean Zatorsky, Dååth is an entirely new band. Specifically, Levi and Zatorsky are now accompanied by bassist David Marvuglio, guitarist Rafael Trujillo, drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (ex-Decapitated), and guitarist/orchestrator Jesse Zuretti (Marvel/Riot Games). “The Deceivers” also sees the band employing the talents of several guests, including Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), Dan Sugarman (Ice Nine Kills), Mark Holcomb (Periphery), and Jeff Loomis (Nevermore/Arch Enemy).

According to Levi, the group is now “more orchestrated [and]more over the top,” with “more melodies . . . [that]are beautiful.” He adds: “We’re doing all those things I felt were missing in the past. Knowing that vision upfront, it made it very easy to choose new band members who were already doing that sort of thing.”

Thematically, “The Deceivers” continues where 2007’s “The Hinderers” and 2009’s “The Concealers” left off. “Those titles are about the outside world,” Levi clarifies, “They’re not about us. While they touch on the self-destruction and self-deception we all occasionally fall victim to, this album is a scathing critique and exploration of certain societal elements. The deceivers and obstructers in life.”

Without a doubt, the LP wastes no time showcasing why this incarnation of Dååth is the best one yet. Opener “No Rest No End” explodes with feisty six-string outbursts, belligerent percussion, symphonic tapestries, and of course, blood-curdling growls that demonstrate why Zatorsky remains on par with just about any other death metal singer. Lyrically, it’s just as much a statement of purpose both personally and culturally, with Zatorsky proclaiming: “From depths, ascend / Conquer the demons within / Claim the power despite all adversity.” Throw in some movingly subdued guitar counterpoints near the end and you have all you need to know that Dååth are still masters of their craft.

“The Deceivers” Album Artwork

Naturally, several of the subsequent eight tunes are equally satisfying symbols of the band’s reinvigoration. For instance, lead single “Hex Unending” – a song designed to mix “all of the many eras of metal music at its peak,” reflects Zuretti – is a thunderously malevolent journey peppers with carnivalistic strings, bells and riffs. Afterward, the marching drums and soaring guitar leads within the intentionally Danny Elfman-esque “Ascension” help it stand out, just as the eerily gothic chants, foreboding classical touches,  and/or programmed beats of “The Silent Foray” and “Deserving of the Grave” will surely send chills down your spine.

Admittedly, some of the album can sound too similar musically, vocally, and even lyrically – especially during the latter half – but each piece nonetheless packs enough passion and density to make it worthwhile. On that note, and when taken as a whole, “The Deceivers” is a fully immersive experience that often represents the best of what modern progressive death metal can be. That’d be quite an accomplishment for any group that’s been around for nearly 25 years (including Dååth’s time as Dirt Nap), let alone one who’s been away for over a decade. Given that context, “The Deceivers” is an especially noteworthy accomplishment that promises even more great things from the new (and improved) ensemble.  

Release Date: May 3rd, 2024
Record Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


  • Sean Zatorsky / Vocals
  • Eyal Levi / Guitar
  • Rafael Trujillo / Lead guitar
  • Kerim “Krimh” Lechner / Drums
  • Jesse Zuretti / Orchestration, synth, guitar
  • David Marvuglio / Bass

“The Deceivers” Track-list:

1. No Rest No End
2. Hex Unending
3. Ascension
4. With Ill Desire
5. The Silent Foray
6. Unwelcome Return
7. Purified by Vengeance
8. Deserving the Grave
9. Into Forgotten Dirt

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9.1 Excellent

“The Deceivers” finds the progressive death metal sextet returning with all the hunger and talent needed for an impactful comeback

  • Songwriting 9
  • Musicianship 9.5
  • Originality 8.5
  • Production 9.5

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