SLIPKNOT Confirms First Single With ELOY CASAGRANDE Will Be “Long May You Die”

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Slipknot has finally confirmed the rumors: they are indeed working on at least one new song with their current lineup.

Over the past month, the phrase “Long May You Die” has been prominently featured in Slipknot‘s marketing, most notably on a billboard that appeared near Indio, CA. Fans speculated that this slogan hinted at something more significant than just a catchy phrase.

Yesterday, May 15th, Slipknot put an end to the speculation by announcing on social media that “Long May You Die” is actually the title of one of their new tracks. While it remains to be seen if this will be the first new song released by the band from Iowa, the confirmation has undoubtedly sparked excitement among their followers.

In a recent interview with Brazil’s Veja São Paulo, the band’s new drummer Eloy Casagrande gave a glimpse into the creative process with his new bandmates. “I think that was also part of the audition. They threw new ideas at me to see what my songwriting was like,” he explained. “They wanted to test me in every way.” Despite this, Casagrande admitted that he is still getting a handle on the band’s internal dynamics. “It’s not so clear yet how things work in terms of records and new songs. We’ve written a few things, and they’re shelved for the time being.”

Casagrande further clarified, “I don’t think there’s any pressure to record new material. But I’m sure they want to, I don’t know when because right now the band is focused on celebrating its 25th anniversary.”


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