MIKE LEPOND Talks New Band DEADRISEN and Debut Album: “We Wanted the Band to Sound Live, with a Modern Production and to Go Anywhere We Wanted Stylistically”

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Having risen to fame in what is now regarded as the “classic” Symphony X lineup, Mike Lepond has surely kept himself busy in recent times. Aside from commanding the grooves on Symphony X, he decided to put his metal influences to good use on Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins and Ross the Boss Band.

More recently, Mike has started a new project with his buddy Rod Rivera, from the Christian Metal band Rivera/Bomma. The end result is called DeadRisen, which delivers an explosive c**ktail of older, traditional musicians with young, hungry new school guys. With heavy metal music now approaching its 50th year, DeadRisen embraces many of the evolution our beloved genre has taken, and then pushes the envelope to the next level.  This creates a metal sound that can go from blues, to classical, to thrash and beyond with style and grace. The band also has the ability to incorporate unique kinds of music into the songs such as Latin-flamenco overtones, but without losing any heaviness. They are the definitive package of power and class, making it clear that heavy rock & roll has risen once again.

You’ve read our take on DeadRisen’s debut here, and now we bring you even more insight into the making of the album. Sonic Perspectives flagship interviewer Rodrigo Altaf had the chance to engage in a fun conversation with LePond and the two discussed the ideas behind several of the songs in the album, how the band came to form, the current status of several other projects like Kingdom North, and even some clues about the upcoming Symphony X studio album.

Follow Mike Lepond and DeadRisen on social media using the links below, and order your copy of “DeadRisen” from this location.


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