ASH COSTELLO Talks NEW YEAR’S DAY Recent Album “Half Black Heart”: “Confidence is Our Secret Weapon”

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California gothic metallers New Year’s Day released their 5th studio album, “Half Black Heart,” this past March via Century Media, five years after 2019’s “Unbreakable.”

The band has been systematically releasing singles and videos since August 2022, starting with “Hurts Like Hell.” Since then, they provided fans with four additional songs leading up to the album release.

“Half Black Heart” visually symbolizes the band’s essence. It represents the duality of a half-red, half-black, half-heavy, half-poppy, half-dark, half-fun, half-metal, and half-rock album. It’s a powerful and emotional exploration of relationship struggles and society’s collective experiences during the pandemic. The songs continue to channel the darkness within their signature metal sound.

“Half Black Heart” Album Artwork

New Year’s Day reunited with former members and longtime collaborators Jeremy Valentyne on guitar, Brandon Wolfe on bass, and Trixx on drums. The collective is rounded off with Nikki Misery on lead guitar and Ash Costello on vocals. New Year’s Day was formed in 2005 and quickly gained critical acclaim with their 2007 debut album, “My Dear.” In nearly two decades, they have released a string of albums showcasing their particular take on dark melodies, haunting vocals, and heavy riffs.

You can order “Half Black Heart” at THIS LOCATION.

Correspondent Robert Cavuoto spoke to Ash Costello about the personal turmoil and pandemic chaos that fueled the creation of this album. She divulged why she couldn’t write happy songs and discussed the strategy behind releasing five singles before the album’s release. Ash also explained how band member changes have been a blessing over the years due to the friendships they have forged, and they will never bring in new members because they are so close-knit. There is also some top-secret in the works regarding The Haxans.

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