Author Nick Matzukis

Nick Matzukis is a published author, academic, lecturer, Advocate of the High Court and music and education industry expert. Having started playing the drums at eight years old, Nick eventually ended up playing in several high profile rock and pop bands, the most well-known of which was probably The Helicopters, a major local band in the 1980’s and 1990’s, with two Gold albums and seven No 1 hit singles. Nick also played for several other high-profile bands including The Diamond Dogs, Flash Harry, Carte Blanche, Stryder and, more recently, Reason Machine. Nick has guested on drums for many of his own international musical heroes, including John Young (Asia, Lifesigns), Gabriel Agudo (Bad Dreams), Randy George (Neal Morse) and Ted Leonard (Spock’s Beard). He still plays today, and is scheduled to guest again during the CTTE Grid (passenger's performances) with several international artists on Yes’ Progressive Rock cruise, ‘Cruise To The Edge’, in February 2018.