Folk Artist JEREMY SQUIRES Shares Emotional Video ‘Burst’ Alongside Release of 11th Album “Unravel”

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North Carolina-based dream-folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JEREMY SQUIRES released his 11th studio album “Unravel” last Friday, July 30 via the California-based Blackbird Record Label featuring 10 tracks that aims for the head and heart with its distinctive songcraft and intimate vocals and musical performances. Stream/download “Unravel” now at this location. CD’s and merch bundles can be found exclusively at here.

In conjunction with the album’s release, SQUIRES also shared a deeply emotional music video for the single, “Burst,” which was written right after the loss of his grandmother who raised him and later recorded at the home he grew up in with childhood friends/former bandmates. The video was described by Vents Magazine via an exclusive premiere on July 29 as “a rather minimalistic but very experimental clip that captures perfectly all the feelings and emotional states, especially those of grief and depression through especially a series of nature footage and much more.” 

“Unravel” Album Artwork

“I struggle everyday with my mental health, but this song goes deeper than that,” shares SQUIRES. “I was struggling with my faith–not necessarily in a religious sense but faith in everything in general. A lot was going on in my life at the time. There were ups and downs and struggles I was dealing with. I was a caregiver and I needed to be strong, but I was falling apart (unraveling) on the inside.”

“It’s a song about finding strength and balance. It was hard to find stable ground. Writing music helps with that. It gives me an inner peace and helps me sort everything out and zone out. It was important for me to be able to record this song in the house where I grew up and learned to play music. I can’t express enough how much I needed to have Carlos and Sammy come over and play this song with me. Everything comes full circle. We all grew up there and we all got to say goodbye.”

Watch “Burst” directly below.


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