MARTY FRIEDMAN’s Autobiography “Dreaming Japanese” To Be Released In December

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Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has long been an enigmatic figure, known for his virtuosic guitar skills and eclectic musical tastes. After years of keeping his private life shielded from the public eye, Friedman has now announced the forthcoming release of his autobiography, “Dreaming Japanese”, offering readers an intimate glimpse into his remarkable journey.

In a recent social media announcement, the 61-year-old musician revealed the completion of his autobiography, slated for release on December 3 via Permuted Press. Friedman‘s decision to open up about his personal life marks a significant departure from his usual discretion, promising readers an insider’s perspective on his upbringing, career, and the intricacies of his time with Megadeth.

“I’ve always kept my private life completely out of the media, so with nervous excitement, I am thrilled to share the story about my upbringing, home life, and career for the first time. You will enjoy the deepest dive into never-before-revealed details about my life in Megadeth and the personal relationships within the band written with alarming clarity. Same goes for all of my other bands, from the very beginning,” Friedman wrote.

“I outline the entire story of why — and exactly how — I dropped living the high life in a multi-platinum band to start from scratch in Japan dreaming of playing J-Pop, and how that spiraled into eventually exceeding even my loftiest goals, even becoming government-appointed Ambassador. It`s a complete immersion into my daily Japanese life as I guide you through the inner workings of the Japanese television industry and music scene, from my unique and unprecedented perspective. The book releases December 3 and I can’t wait for you to read it. We’re working on the cover now and I’ll share that soon.”


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