D-A-D Announces New Album “Speed Of Darkness”, Premier Two Singles ’The Ghost’ & ‘1st, 2nd & 3rd’

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Danish hard rock veterans D-A-D have announced their brand new, thirteenth album, titled “Speed Of Darkness”, slated for release on October 4, 2024, via AFM Records.

Not only can we expect an unusually strong collection of songs, but today the band is already premiering two (!) singles, the songs “The Ghost” and “1st, 2nd & 3rd”.

Teaming up with producer Nick Foss once again, D-A-D guitarist Jacob Binzer reveals: “He says that this is the strongest pool of songs in a long time, and he has, after all, been in the game since 1988.” Jacob adds that he agrees with the producer: “Although you can’t really judge albums before one to two years after their release, I also think that this is a strong pool. Some of these songs have surprised me positively while we recorded them, and that is very promising.”

D-A-D vocalist/guitarist Jesper Binzer agrees with his brother: “For the first time in three to four albums, I am totally excited about our material, and I look forward to going into the studio every single day. We have an excess of both songs and ideas, and this is a place that I have wanted to reach with the last three to four D-A-D albums. It’s crazy how things are circular that way. I thought that everything was done, and I thought that we were just old guys who were doing whatever we could, but a new necessity has arisen.”

Jesper adds that cooperation is the operative word: “There is no Kim Larsen (a famous Danish musician) in D-A-D, but four Franz Beckerlees. We are forced to cooperate since none of us can do it all, and that’s also beautiful. New flowers are added to the bouquet every time we gather up in the studio.”

“Speed Of Darkness” Album Artwork

About the two new songs, the band states: “‘The Ghost’ is an epic banger that shines a light both behind and ahead. There is a Scandinavian melancholy in our universe. A song about separated love, loss and hope in a fragmented time. About holding on to something that may come, or which may already have disappeared. ‘1st, 2nd & 3rd’ is about the long, hard pull when you are trying to escape something that really holds you back. To be caught in addiction with relapses to bad relationships, with a hope of getting on.”

“Speed Of Darkness” was mastered by Jacob Hansen (VolbeatAmaranthePowerwolf). D-A-D drummer Laust Sonne says: Jacob Hansen is really good at producing drum sounds, and he has a recording room designed for drums. There are not a lot of studios like that left out there, as most of it is done on computers in peoples’ living rooms these days. It is hard for drummers like me, who hit hard and make a lot of cymbal noise, to find studio people trained for it, but Jacob is one of them. The more I let loose, the better I sounded, so that was really awesome.”

In support of today’s first songs and while gearing up for their new record release with many more details to be revealed soon, D-A-D is about to kickstart a major festival summer tour with 24 concerts, starting on May 19 at Rock Hard Festival in Germany. Following this run, they will play 16 concerts in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Switzerland as well as a completely sold-out show at Royal Arena in Denmark on November 1.


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