HIGHLY SUSPECT Announces New Album “As Above, So Below”, Shares Lyric Video ‘Summertime Voodoo’

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Highly Suspect, the trailblazing rock outfit comprised of Johnny Stevens (vocals, guitar), Ryan Meyer (drums, vocals), Rich Meyer (bass, vocals), Matt Kofos (guitar), and Mark Schwartz (keyboards/guitars), will release its new album, “As Above, So Below”, on July 19 via Roadrunner/300/Elektra.

Known for defying conventions and embracing their own sonic instincts, this forthcoming LP promises to continue the band’s tradition of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo within the rock genre.

With “As Above, So Below”Highly Suspect invites listeners on a sonic journey that blends their trademark gritty guitars, haunting piano melodies, and off-kilter synths with a newfound sense of introspection and exploration. This album is poised to captivate both longtime fans and newcomers alike with its raw energy and thought-provoking lyricism.

To celebrate the news of “As Above, So Below”Highly Suspect is unveiling the first single and lyric video for, “Summertime Voodoo”.

“If my life is a book, then this album is the first chapter that truly addresses the central conflict,” says Johnny Stevens. “The recognition of an ego, the problems it caused — and the birth of its death. If I’m being real, I hit rock bottom again. After another close call with death, I feel wide awake. I don’t know how the book ends yet, but I’m very engaged in the plot now. I’d rather it not end at all.”

“For the past few years, I don’t think I gave a shit one way or the other. Like Thom once said — ‘for a minute there I lost myself.’ ‘Summertime Voodoo’ is the introductory paragraph to this chapter. We didn’t know which song to put out first, so this time, instead of trying to guess which one sounds most like a single, we just decided it makes the most sense to start at the top of the story.”

“As Above, So Below” Album Artwork

“As Above, So Below” track listing:

1. Summertime Voodoo
2. Suicide Machine
3. The Blue-Eyed Devil
4. Mexico
5. Plastic Boxes
6. Melatonia
7. The Reset
8. Run For Your Death (More Pills)
9. Champagne At Our Funeral
10. The 8th Of October (To August 17th)
11. Then, Mickey 2

Never content to follow, Highly Suspect pushes rock music forward by trusting their instincts and raising a middle finger to everything else. The multi-Grammy Award-nominated and gold-certified band doesn’t just talk about burning the rules and breaking the mold; they actually do so.

With hundreds of millions of streams and sold-out shows on multiple continents, Highly Suspect charged ahead of the pack again on 2022’s “The Midnight Demon Club” with no compromises and no apologies as they challenged rock to be dangerous and maybe even life-changing again. Now in 2024, they are gearing up to share their latest opus, “As Above, So Below”.


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