Interview with Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist RANDY MCSTINE: “If You Want to Keep People’s Attention, This Idea of Making Music Clickbait is Really Painful”

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Talented singer, songwriter, guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Randy McStine is probably best known as the nucleus of his band Lo-Fi Resistance, but in more recent years has played extensively with Dave Kerzner in Kerzner’s live band, and now Kerzner’s new project, In Continuum, which debuted at ProgStock 2018, just released its debut album, and will perform in February 2019 on Cruise to the Edge. But that’s not all that keeps McStine busy. He also releases solo material separate from Lo-Fi Resistance under his own name, has a power trio with Nick D’Virgilio and Jonas Reingold, and has recently teamed up with Tom Brislin for Brislin’s new meeting of the minds band, Gold Rotation.

Believe it or not, there’s even more beyond that, and while hiding out in his warm hotel room in wintry Toronto while playing with The Simon & Garfunkel Story, McStine sat down for a chat with Sonic Perspectives author and interviewer Austin Kokel. Not for the faint of heart, or the short of attention span, the interview clocked in at nearly two full hours, so this one will be great for podcast-indulgence at the gym or on a road trip. The two discussed all of the above projects, the differences among all of them, and also went pretty deep on what it means to be a musician, a music fan, and how to still engage with people face to face at the end of the 2010 decade.

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