TERAMAZE Release Music Video For New Single, “Step Right Up,” Ahead Of Record Release

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Australian masters of progressive metal Teramaze have released a new single, “Step Right Up,” today from their highly anticipated 11th full-length album, “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace,” that’s out May 24th via Wells Music. 

Commenting on the concept behind the new song, vocalist/guitarist Dean Wells states: “‘Step Right Up’ begins with a mesmerizing melody that swirls like colorful circus tents under a starlit sky. The music carries you into Eli’s world, where the towering big top beckons with promises of wonder and adventure. As Eli steps into the Halo circus, the music crescendos with a sense of anticipation, mirroring his excitement and apprehension.”

“The progressive elements in the music reflect Eli’s journey within the circus, where each act and performer unveils layers of complexity and mystery. The rhythm builds and shifts like the ebb and flow of the circus crowd, drawing listeners deeper into the enchanting world of Halo.”

“Amidst the spectacle, Eli discovers a newfound sense of freedom, but beneath the surface, there’s an undercurrent of uncertainty. The music reflects this duality, blending moments of exhilaration with hints of darkness lurking in the shadows. As Eli delves further into the circus’s inner workings, the music evolves, incorporating intricate melodies and unexpected twists that mirror his journey of self-discovery. With each step, the music propels him forward, urging him to confront the secrets hidden within the Halo circus and ultimately, within himself. ‘Step Right Up’ isn’t just a song—it’s a sonic odyssey that transports listeners into the heart of Eli’s transformative experience, inviting them to join him on a journey of discovery, liberation, and ultimately, redemption.”

Pre-order “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” at THIS LOCATION.

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” is a concept album that finishes the trilogy of their Halo storyline, following 2015’s “Her Halo” and 2021’s “Sorella Minore.”

Commenting on the album’s thematic direction, the band states: “We began with a story of betrayal, love, and wonder told through the album Her Halo. We continued that tale through to a climactic finish with the epic suite Sorella Minore. And now, we have finally brought to you the third installment of the Halo Saga, to bring the whole story together. We take you not forward in time but to the very beginning… Eli – A Wonderful Fall from Grace takes us to A Place Called Halo, the circus where it all began at the height of its popularity. Eli, a shipwreck survivor discovers the traveling tented landscape, and becomes the star attraction… but at a terrible price. Along with a full-length concept album, we finally released the short story that sparked this spell-binding concept all those years ago. Every story has a beginning, and so is Eli – A Wonderful Fall from Grace...”

“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” Album Artwork

Hailing from Australia, Teramaze has solidified their place in the international metal scene with their unique blend of technical prowess and emotive storytelling. Led by guitarist, singer, and founding member Dean Wells, Teramaze‘s music weaves together elements of progressive, thrash, and melodic metal, creating a sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre. 


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