Former FATES WARNING Singer JOHN ARCH Talks Lyrical Themes And Musical Influences: “Most of My Friends Have Met BRUCE DICKINSON. I Hate Them All”

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Picking up on their first mammoth hour-long interview, the legendary original Fates Warning singer spills the beans on his love of Iron Maiden, his own history with the city that gave Fates Warning its next two singers, and the possibility that the one and only Bruce Dickinson might be a John Arch fan. Yeah, read that last part again. 

And when you tell JOHN ARCH that you’ve met Bruce Dickinson twice, he’ll say “I hate you too then.”

Additionally, John gets at the heart of two more of his favorite cuts from the recently released Arch/Matheos album Winter Ethereal, and goes particularly deep on closing track “Kindred Spirits,” which covers ground neither the interrogator nor the interrogated believe has ever been handled in metal. Listen to the second part of John‘s conversation with Gonzalo Pozo below, as he proves to be an incredibly gracious and affable dude, and the Sonic Perspectives crew collectively thanks him for the opportunity to chat with a second time.

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Slideshow photographs by Rodrigo Simas Photography and Stephen Schmidt


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