JOHN ARCH Reveals the Secrets Behind his Ageless Voice: “I Don’t Smoke, I Rarely Drink, I Don’t Do Drugs, and I Mountain Bike”

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JOHN ARCH, the unmistakable voice of the first three Fates Warning records, left the music industry in 1987 after just four years of the touring cycle. It would be over seventeen years before Arch would enter the recording studio again. Though he did appear with his former band-mates during a 1994 Fates Warning concert, and though he did audition for some band called Dream Theater (a guy named Kevin James got the job), it wasn’t quite enough to sate his creative appetite. John Arch needed to do something special.

Now living part-time in the music world, Arch and his old buddy Jim just dropped the second Arch/ Matheos album, titled Winter Ethereal (you can check out our review of the album here) In this first installment of a herculean two-part conversation with Sonic Perspectives resident metal dude Gonzalo Pozo, Sir John Arch spills the beans on his longtime friendship with Mike Portnoy, his wry observations of contemporary doomsday cults, and why composing with Jim Matheos is like a certain dysfunctional bicameral legislative body headquartered near the Potomac River. 

Listen to the first part of their conversation below, and keep your eyes peeled for the second part coming in the next days. As usual you can subscribe to our podcast to be notified of all our interviews in a timely manner. And don’t forget to stalk us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

Slideshow photographs by Rodrigo Simas Photography


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