Top 5 Most Shockingly Impressive Covers from PIERCE THE VEIL’s Iconic Album “Collide With The Sky”

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Fearless Records turns 30 this year. Here at Sonic Perspectives, we’ve covered the label’s star-studded roster for many years and celebrate the artists who have built their legacy. From The Pretty Reckless to I Prevail to Ice Nine Kills to Pierce The VeilFearless Records is a one-stop-shop for every subgenre of rock and alternative music to thrive.

Let’s dive into the impact of Pierce The Veil and the album that changed the scene forever: “Collide with The Sky.” The album is emotionally charged, heavy-hitting, and jam-packed with memorable songs that remain timeless for their devoted fanbase. It’s the album that brought us “King For A Day” featuring Kellin Quinn, the iconic single, which remains a staple at emo nights and rock playlists worldwide.

Throughout the last twelve years since the album came out, thousands of fans have hit the web to share their musical talents and recreate these songs, including some of today’s most influential content creators. Here are the top 5 most jaw-dropping Pierce The Veil cover songs featuring tracks from “Collide with The Sky.”

Nik Nocturnal – “Hell Above”

Nik Nocturnal is one of the web’s most popular artists in the metal world, specializing in covers and original music. Despite his recent buzz, he is no stranger to the music scene, with this cover dating back to 2020. This unique guitar cover even includes guitar tabs for aspiring guitarists who want to replicate it.

FullMetalJessie – “King For A Day” (featuring Kasey Karlsen of Deadlands)

Jessie and Kasey brought a major punch of energy to their cover of “King For A Day” and added their unique metalcore flair to the song, giving it a heavier touch. This cover just goes to show that girls CAN scream too. They also recruited Noah aka AlwaysAngryAudio to add his special stylistic spin, which really kicks off during the pre-chorus. Together, this trio of musicians created a ferocious version of the song.

Johnnie Guilbert – “Hold On Til May”

Johnnie Guilbert has been an influential name in the scene for over a decade as a YouTuber and content creator. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see that he did a rendition of the most emotional, heartfelt track on the album. This simple acoustic version with a nostalgic emo flair allows the lyrical storytelling to shine.

Lauren Babic & YoungGrippa – “King For A Day”

This fierce cover of the fan-favorite track starts with an immediate punch as Eric aka youngrippa launches straight into a roaring scream, bringing a heaviness that differs from Vic Fuentes‘ original vocal style. It’s balanced by an ambitious, powerful performance by Lauren Babic singing the clean vocal melodies.

Kristina Rybalchenko – “King For A Day” (Drum Cover)

You may recognize Kristina from your Instagram explore page with her impressive, high-energy drum covers. It’s an on-point percussion rendition complete with two camera angles so you can truly appreciate her talent. Whether you’re a drummer or simply a fan, it’s an entertaining, high-quality cover to see a new side of the song.


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