CRUISE TO THE EDGE 2022 Artist Spotlight: KLONE

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This year Cruise to the Edge takes a relatively uncharted approach by featuring a prog band from France!

Klone will be an unexpected treat for many cruisers as few are probably familiar with the band but many will be moved and become fans. It’s all about textures and layers of sound with Klone. Their intensity is built through arpeggiated clean guitar drenched in reverb, mixing with rhythm guitar and bass, allowing the drum kit to move through the space prominently with fills and crash cymbals. Above it all, Yann Ligner’s vocals soar like an instrument itself, singing in English and featuring gorgeous melodies of longing and tension. While they used to be more metal-oriented, modern Klone is darkly atmospheric, with soundscapes not far from Riverside, Katatonia or even Anathema.

Following CTTE they will be touring the States with Pain of Salvation, another highly recommended band to check out onboard. Overall, Klone are not as aggressive or staccato as Pain of Salvation, but the two make a good combination for a diverse evening. Come on out and give this first-time band a warm welcome, you might really fall for their sound and pick up a new album or two.

Their 8th and most recent album, Le Grand Voyage, is definitely one to start with. Here’s our album overview.


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