Warkings- Revolution (Album Review)

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After appearing at the mighty gates of Valhalla, four legendary war kings were commissioned by Odin to return to Earth and spread epic chants that describe the warlike feats performed by the four fierce warriors. Their outstanding merits on the battlefield allowed them to return for the sole purpose of inspiring a new generation of belligerent combatants to achieve glory and gain Odin’s favor to embody the God’s ranks and prepare for Ragnarök. Their mission has been approached with the utmost honor resulting in a fruitful task so far since the exploits of the Warkings have inspired countless warriors across diverse fronts. It has also been a prolific mission, given that just one year after spreading the battle psalms contained in “Reborn”, the four savage warriors are back with new blood-thirsting odes. 

The year that the Warkings were absent from ferocious battles served them to retreat for a moment, take a look at the battleground with a new perspective, sharpen their weapons, and create new military strategies. It certainly paid off since the result of their latest collection of war hymns enclosed in “Revolution” far exceeds what was previously diffused. 

Their new bellicose anthems see The TribuneThe CrusaderThe Spartan and The Viking continue with Odin’s entrustment, but this time, they do it differently, with a better approach that allows them to match their mythical war skills with their musical chops. The result is an enthralling, intense and potent collection of tunes that threaten to stay inside the heads of legions of soldiers due to its accurate use of countless hooks, inspired melodies and memorable choruses that will echo through the bloodiest and most epic battlefields.

The sound of a match being lit is the beginning of the thunderous battle ahead of us. With the opening track “We Are The Fire”, the Warkings prepare their troops to surrender to the clamor of the music, to melt as one when singing its catchy chorus, and to properly synchronize their neck to the rhythm of its ferocious pace. The Tribune has announced it. The legions will advance until they have wiped out and burned everything in their path. 

If the mission is so ambitious, there is no better way to inspire a company than with an ode about the cradle of some of the best warriors the ancient Greek has ever seen. “Sparta – Part II” differs from its predecessor by incorporating oriental sounds to their energetic power and heavy metal mix. The chorus is a savage thrust that will pierce doubts from those soldiers who still have doubts about the merits of the Warkings. Although it is pretty simple, it is totally compelling. It allows the listener to vividly imagine 300 Spartan soldiers crying out for their homeland as they draw their sword to heaven, and in unison, they repeatedly shout: “This is Sparta!” Good luck trying not to join them in their canticle.

“Revolution” Album Artwork

On many occasions throughout History, the fiercest battles have started from revolutions. For“Fight”, the Warkings decided to re-imagine “Bella Ciao”, a traditional Italian protest song that the Italian Resistance adopted and modified during Second World War as an anthem against the Nazi oppression. As a result, the piece exudes a liberating aura, an insatiable thirst to fight tyranny, and an unwavering will to not give up in the face of adversity. 

Even the most vicious warriors sometimes need a helping hand. For “Spartacus” the Warkings invited The Lost Lord to aid them with fulfilling Odin’s solicitude. The presence of Chris Harms as the mysterious guest allows to generate a contrast with The Tribune‘s voice. In addition, the use of harsh vocals adds a new element to the mix, which helps to increase the dynamism within the song. The Lost Lord´s contribution not only serves as a counterpoint, but it can also serve as a suitable company to The Tribune‘s melodic and fantastic voice.

On the battlefield, it is often difficult to hear the orders of whoever commands the unit. Therefore, legions often used musical instruments to instruct the combatants which formation should be performed or if it was time to charge against the enemy’s minions. Throughout the album, bassist The Viking and drummer The Spartan lead their entire to victory by setting an intense, powerful, and galloping pace, as in the case of vibrant and agitated tracks as “Ave Roma” or “By The Blade”. 

Once an army has plunged into the heat of a battle, it is common for lines to break formation. Sometimes those moments of unforeseen chaos are the adequate time in which legends emerge, heroes who acted bravely, fighting their way to victory, accomplishing feats that tip the balance in favor of their cause. For most parts of the tracks, The Crusader keeps the formation. He sticks with the rhythmic base, providing crushing and effective riffs above it. Still, in every song, he breaks formation to perform splendid and deafening solos, as in the case of “Kill For The King” or “Ragnar”.

With an undeniable ability to create ferocious riffs, splendid hooks, and memorable choruses, Odin would have to be satisfied with the work performed by the Warkings thus far, especially with their strongest offering to date. Despite not redefining the genre or exploring uncharted sonic elements, the proposal is effective, vigorous, and compelling. If the mission is to spread heroic lore throughout the Earth in an attractive, enjoyable, and potent manner, the Warkings‘ seats at Valhalla just got bigger. 

Released by: Napalm Records
Released Date: August 20th, 2021
Genre: Power Metal


  • The Tribune / Vocals
  • The Crusader / Guitar
  • The Viking / Bass
  • The Spartan / Drums

“Revolution” track-listing:

  1. We are the Fire
  2. Sparta – Part II
  3. Fight
  4. Spartacus
  5. Kill for the King
  6. Deus lo Vult
  7. Ave Roma
  8. Ragnar
  9. By the Blade
  10. Where Dreams Die

8.5 Excellent

Warkings continue to honor Odin’s mission to spread the tales of the fiercest battles and the most heroic feats through an epic and thrilling power metal record. “Revolution” sees the glorious warriors creating crushing riffs, memorable hooks, and anthemic choruses ready to be sung by entire legions prior to the rage of battle

  • Songwriting 8.5
  • Musicianship 8.5
  • Originality 8
  • Production 9

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