Armageddon in Retrospect: SONIC PERSPECTIVES Looks Back at 2020

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Much has been written about the impact 2020 will have in both the near and distant future, and live music fans have certainly felt its sting since March at least.

We’ll leave more cerebral analysis to the experts and instead cap off a grueling year with an hour of thoughts and observations from Sonic Perspectives contributors John Kokel, Rodrigo Altaf, Samantha Buckman, Brian Masso, Scott Medina, Joshua Batten, and Gonzalo Pozo.

The audio montage below has the crew reflecting on the year’s many hardships (the losses of Neil Peart and Eddie Van Halen, for instance), the rise of streamed concerts, and the surprising number of high-caliber music, among several other topics, and has left the panelists feeling a bit more optimistic about 2021 than most of them would have expected.

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