U.D.O. Guitarist Andrey Smirnoff Drops New Single “Light and Shadow”

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Andrey Smirnoff – composer, arranger and current guitarist for German heavy metal monsters U.D.O. and Dirkschneider – has released the 3rd single “Light and Shadow” from his upcoming solo album, “Electric Gravity.” Check it out below.

“This track is a celebration of all forms of arts: heavy metal fury and classical music elegance; roaring brutality of a guitar and sensitive beauty of a dancer. Since my childhood I was surrounded by classical music, back then I didn’t fully understand its power. Only when I discovered neoclassical metal, all pieces came together. It’s still my passion” said Andrey Smirnoff.

“I like creating music and I always wanted to put out an instrumental solo record. Last year was a bit chaotic and strange but it gave me the time to give all my attention to this album. I wanted to give my guitar a lead vocal ability and make it sing. As an active musician I always have a few ideas on my mind. Few more guitar singles with music video are coming soon and digital release of album is planned for September 2021″ added the guitarist.


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