RIOT V Vocalist TODD MICHAEL HALL Releases Second Single “Let Loose Tonight” From Upcoming Solo Album “Sonic Healing”

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Following the recent release of the debut track “Overdrive,” Riot V vocalist Todd Michael Hall has released another video from the upcoming debut solo album “Sonic Healing”. The track “Let Loose Tonight” is a classic-sounding rocker that talks about the uplifting feeling of unwinding with live music after a long day. This message couldn’t be more appropriate as the touring world comes back to life after the recent global pandemic. The video centers around a pool party that Todd Michael Hall, Metal Church’s Kurdt Vanderhoof and bandmates play at as they share the lyrics “Come on, Let Loose Tonight.” Watch the clip below.

“No matter how blessed you are or how much you love your job and your life, we all still have days that drain our energy. ‘Let Loose Tonight’ is about the power live music has to rejuvenate us and transform a tough day into a great night,” explains Todd Michael Hall.

“Sonic Healing” is now available for pre-order here.

Music has a healing effect to get you up and running,” explains Hall “People use it to console themselves on a daily basis. It’s such a weird time right now. So, ‘Sonic Healing’ is meant to be good positive rock. We definitely paid homage to our favorite bands, but we added a new twist. There’s a hunger for this music, and there aren’t many artists trying to scratch the itch. We’re here to scratch the itch and bring the energy.”

From the infectious guitar riffs of the opening track “Overdrive”, to the anthemic album finale of ”Long Lost Rock & Rollers,Todd showcases his vocal range and passion for rock music. Songs like “Let Loose Tonight,” “Running After You” and “Like No Other” are testaments to the magic that was created when Todd and Kurdt began to focus on their deep love of classic rock icons like Boston, Rush, Styx, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon. Todd’s multi-octave voice and Kurdt’s riff writing capabilities create memorable songs that are reminiscent of the artists that inspired them to pursue a career in music. With thought provoking lyrics and rock solid guitar riffs, ‘Sonic Healing‘ delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from these high-level players. An EPK showing Todd and Kurdt discussing their approach to ‘Sonic Healing’ can be seen below. 

“Sonic Healing” Tracklist

1. Overdrive
2. Let Loose Tonight
3. All On The Line
4. Running After You
5. Love Rain Down
6. Sonic Healing
7. Like No Other
8. Somebody’s Fool
9. To The Bone
10. Long Lost Rock & Rollers

Of all the antidotes, therapies, and remedies, nothing cures quite like rock ‘n’ roll does. Todd Michael Hall projects this restorative power in his music. Whether fronting Riot V, appearing in front of millions on NBC’s The Voice, or recording as a solo artist, the Michigan-born singer and songwriter uplifts audiences with towering range and knockout delivery. He exudes this energy on his 2021 full-length debut for Rat Pak Records—the aptly titled “Sonic Healing.”


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