KLONE Share Lyric Video For “The Spy” From Latest Album “Le Grand Voyage”

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Atmospheric French rockers Klone have released a new lyric video for the song “The Spy”, originally recorded by The Doors, taken from their highly acclaimed 2019 studio album “Le Grand Voyage.” Watch the lyric video below.

Klone’s guitarist Guillaume Bernard says “I’ve been listening to The Doors since I was a teenager and I’ve always loved the psychedelic and shamanic side of their music. I also keep a very good memory of the atmosphere of the movie “The Doors” by Oliver Stone that I watched a lot.

“The Spy” is a track from the Morrison Hotel album released in 1970, and it’s a real pleasure to pay tribute to this fantastic band that rocked me all my childhood.

This title is basically very blues and piano bar atmosphere and I wanted to make it something heavier and slower, while respecting the codes of the song. In the end, we managed to make it a Blues – Doom title. I hope you will like this new version!”

“Le Grand Voyage” Album Artwork

He also gives an update on what Klone are working on “We are currently working with Klone on the preparation of our next album, we are starting to have a lot of material for the continuation and we are impatient to be able to share all this with you!“

Le Grand Voyage,” the band’s 2019 release and first for Kscope, is bold in sonic ambition, twisting dark guitars and electronic ambience into a modern masterpiece that feels excitingly new, yet in many ways feels like a contemporary take on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon.” Not only has “Le Grande Voyage” received high praise from the media, but the album’s cover artwork, created by Francesco Dell’Orto, was awarded 1st pace, best design at 2019’s Art Vinyl awards.


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