WINDWAKER Are Pushing The Metalcore Envelope, Vocalist WILL KING Opens Up On The Process: “It’s All About Trying to Find a Sound That Makes Us Feel the Way Other Music Makes Us Feel”

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WINDWAKER are not your everyday metalcore band. How many times have you heard that? Probably a fair few, but how many times have you actually listened? Well, this is the time that you listen. The 5-piece from down-under are making moves, and people are definitely starting to notice.

Their last EP “Empire” was a short but powerful body of work that snapped necks in their direction. Record companies approached them like groupies after a gig and radio stations spun their tracks on rotation, pushing their name further and further up the metal ladder. After signing with Fearless Records the band celebrated by pumping out a nasty yet insanely fun cover of Britney Spears’ hit single “Toxic”, showing the metal world that they weren’t interesting into fitting into any generic metalcore moulds.

We’re rapidly approaching May 6th, which is the release date of WINDWAKER’s debut album “Love Language”. The LP is a monumental leap forward from “Empire” in literally every conceivable way, and it will surely make a huge dent in the music scene. To dive deep into this highly entertaining release, Sonic Perspectives writer and fellow Aussie Josh Muncke hopped on a call with vocalist Will King to talk about live music, the album, his insanely versatile vocal range, and much much more.

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