PRONG Mastermind TOMMY VICTOR Reflects on Upcoming EP Release: “The Record Business is Strange Right Now. Maybe Releasing EPs Is a Good Formula Moving Forward”

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Drawing influences from the origins of metal as much as from alternative rock, Prong has always been a difficult band to categorize. They rose to fame in the mid 90’s when songs like “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” and “Beg to Differ” got a lot of rotation on MTV. Refusing to be pigeonholed, their sound had heavy doses of Black Sabbath, with touches of punk and a pinch of alternative acts like Killing Joke.

Despite the success in the 90’s, with albums like “Prove You Wrong” and “Cleansing” receiving praise from fans and critics alike, the band did suffer with the grunge era, and decided to disband in 1996. The only constant member, Tommy Victor, resurrected the band in 2002, and has been carrying the torch since then.

Prong‘s last full length release, 2017’s “Zero Days”, was a reaffirmation of the band’s sound, and a testament to Tommy‘s persistence. In order to bridge the gap between “Zero Days” and a potential new album, Prong is releasing an EP entitled “Age of Defiance”, with two brand new tracks and three live versions of fan favorites. Sonic Perspectives flagship interviewer Rodrigo Altaf sat down with Tommy Victor this week to discuss the process of making this EP, the current state of the music business and Prong‘s touring plans in 2020. Listen to their interesting conversation below and remember to stalk us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.

Slideshow photographs by Chad Lee Photography and Rockhouse Photo.


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