FIT FOR A KING Front-man RYAN KIRBY Talks New Album and Creating Their Best Work Through The Worst Experiences: “Don’t Create Hell for Yourself or Others, ‘Cause Sometimes it Can be Passed On”

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Fit For A King is easily one of the metalcore juggernauts of current times, and yet they’ve been a powerful force in the scene for ages. They possess an insanely heavy take on metalcore that edges on deathcore at times. They’re equally adept, however, in allowing beauty to shine through in special moments. 2020’s “The Path” was a slightly divisive album for fans, but it turned out to contain some of their most consuming and accessible material.

Fast forward two years, and the band is about to release “The Hell We Create“, their most intense album to date, and it’s intense for a number of reasons. The sheer heaviness of the production is a big part of it, as is the bone-rattling breakdowns. What makes it the heaviest, however, is how vulnerable and transparent vocalist Ryan Kirby is in his performance and lyrics. Without elaborating here, it’s been a rough two years for Kirby, and yet he’s spun these experiences into heartfelt and deeply connecting performances that are just as overwhelming as they are inspiring.

In this interview, Sonic Perspectives writer Josh Muncke sat down with Fit For A King‘s vocalist Ryan Kirby to explore the influences that have brought everything together for his vocals, as well as the lyrical approach to “The Hell We Create“. They talk about the immense support he felt when writing the album’s words, early influential deathcore bands, and his position as a role model in today’s metal world. Listen to the seriously entertaining chat below.

The Hell We Create” comes out on October 28 via Solid State Records. You can pre-order it HERE.


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