German Proggers RUBBER TEA Talk About Their Excellent Debut Album “Infusion”

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Every once in a while a band emerges seemingly out of nowhere and provides a debut album that surprises you with depth, skill and musical landscapes filled with imagery. Such is the new band RUBBER TEA hailing from Bremen Germany having just released their album RUBBER TEA.

RUBBER TEA is a progressive rock quintet who provide a magical soundscape utilizing a multitude of instruments including everything from mellotron to a vibraphone and cowbells to a quiro and djembe. The band is fronted by Vanessa Gross whose voice shines while the band takes you on a journey of jazzy and progressive rock bliss with some great art rock artistry. There are tracks that utilize retro sax solos which are mesmerizing. Overall it’s clear that RUBBER TEA are extremely skilled musicians that use everything in their arsenal and pay homage to greats like Pink Floyd and King Crimson with reverence to progressive rock of the 70’s while being youthful and faithful to modern prog. You can listen to “Infusion” at this location.

“Infusion” Album Artwork


  • Vanessa Gross / Vocals, alto sax, tenor sax, flute
  • Lennart Hinz / Vocals, Moog & Arturia synthesizers, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Sequential Circuits Multi Track, Feurich grand piano, 12-string guitar, mellotron, Korg vocoder, FX pedals
  • David Errzman / Fretless bass, sitar, FX pedals
  • Jonas Roustai / Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, FX pedals
  • Maik Scheling / electric guitar, FX pedals
  • Henri Pink / drums, cowbell, djembe, congas, pans and pots, shaker, bells, Roland SPD-SX

Sonic Perspectives collaborator Richard Reyes took the opportunity to interview RUBBER TEA‘s Lennart Hinz and David Errzman to talk at length about the album and plays a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Listen below to join Richard in this journey to discover one of the biggest prog-rock surprises of the year 

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