LIFESON & LEE Have Been Playing RUSH Material Together: “We Sound Like A Really Bad RUSH Tribute Band”

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In a revelation that might sound like the intro to many Rush fans’ dream come true, legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson has spoken about his recent jam sessions with bandmate Geddy Lee playing his band’s material. However, keep in mind they are strictly for fun, not a prelude to a reunion.

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Lifeson admitted, “We decided that we would play some Rush songs. Because, you know, we haven’t played these songs in 10 years,” He elaborated, explaining their casual approach: “We started that a couple of weeks ago. We get together one day a week over at his place. We just picked some Rush songs and we started playing them and we sound like a really, really bad Rush tribute band.”

This lighthearted reunion is fueled by pure enjoyment, not a return to the road. Lifeson playfully acknowledges the age factor, saying, “I’m 70. My fingers aren’t exactly jumping through hoops like they used to. They’re much lazier than they used to be and they have a poor memory” He emphasizes the purpose of these sessions: “Doing this really helps a lot, and it’s fun. That’s it. The whole thing was that in the beginning, it was just fun. We’re having a riot together doing that. There’s no rhyme or reason. We’re not planning on going back on the road, finding a new drummer or anything like that. It’s just fun to do it.”

So, while this news will not ignite a full-fledged Rush revival, it’s a heartwarming glimpse into the enduring camaraderie between Lifeson and Lee. After all, even legends get together to jam for old times’ sake.


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