TV Director And Eclectic Art Rock Composer PHIDEAUX XAVIER: “I Now Have Several Albums That Are 80-95% Finished”

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For many years Phideaux Xavier, head of Phideaux and Mogon was one of the most prolific writers on the prog-rock scene, netting eight studio albums in as many years. Snowtorch, which arrived in 2011 was the last new studio album until now, with Infernal finally being unveiled to the world. In our interview you can hear how the flood gates could once again be ready to open, as aside from the amazing double album Infernal there is a live release in the works, updates on 7 1/2, and some fresh mixes on out of print materials, all of that in addition to new material that has already been worked on. 

We also talk about the band’s last live outing, and their much anticipated next live show at RoSfest in 2019. This will be the band’s first full band appearance in the US in eight years, and given how hard it is to get a 10-piece band to the stage might be the last one in as many years, so it’s not to be missed! To prepare make sure you pick up Infernal now, assuming you want the CD or digital releases, or pre-order the vinyl which will be out in the coming months.

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