Rhythmic Revelations: A Backstage Encounter with BARONESS’ Bassist NICK JOST and Drummer SEBASTIAN THOMSON

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Celebrating twenty years of existence, Baroness released their critically acclaimed sixth album, “Stone”, on September 15, 2023. As discussed in our review (which can be read here), this is one of their most cohesive pieces of work, although there’s plenty of room for experimentation. And obviously, now is the time to promote “Stone”, and showcase it to the world.

Entitled “Sweet Oblivion Tour”, this run of dates consists of more than 30 shows in 49 days. A gruesome schedule, but one which doesn’t seem to scare John Dyer Baizley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Gina Gleason (lead guitar, backing vocals), Nick Jost (bass, keyboards), and Sebastian Thomson (drums). The band still finds time to do store appearances on selected dates, where they do a short acoustic set and sign copies of the album.

In the heart of Toronto’s vibrant music scene, Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf had the unique opportunity to sit down with two of the driving forces behind the critically acclaimed band Baroness. Backstage at the iconic Danforth Music Hall on November 19th, the anticipation in the air was palpable as he caught up with Nick and Sebastian.

As the stage lights prepared to illuminate another unforgettable performance, they delved into the inner workings of Baroness, exploring the creative process, the evolution of the tour, and the raw energy that fuels their live shows. Join us as we go behind the scenes and unravel the sonic tapestry woven by these two exceptional musicians, offering a glimpse into the musical journey that has captivated audiences worldwide.

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