HYBORIAN Members Talk New Album “Volume II” and Songwriting Process: “When We Write, We Try To Go Beyond Our Ability To Play It – That Pushes Us To Become Better Musicians”

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Kansas City’s newest metal heroes Hyborian are a young band, formed in 2015. Combining the octane-coated stoner metal of High on Fire, the progressive thunder of early Baroness and Mastodon and Bay Area thrash metal influences, they released their first full-length, “Volume I” in 2017, to critics and fans’ delight. In 2020 the band took things further and decided to record a continuation of the concept of their debut. For “Volume II”, they knew they wanted to expand upon the foundation laid before, doing something different to bring their already immense sound to the next level.

Throughout “Volume II”’s eight blistering tracks, Martin Bush (Vocals, guitar and synths), Ryan Bates (Guitar, vocals and bass) and Justin Rippeto (Drums) take us on an enigmatic, time-and-space bending journey, following the steps of the story recurrent and main character “The Traveler”. The band has ambitious plans to conclude this story on a third album, and even went as far as writing a novel (The Traveller: A Hyborian Tale) that chronicles the origin of the central character while acting as companion piece to “Volume II”.

Sonic Perspectives collaborator Rodrigo Altaf caught up with the whole band in a spirited interview where they discussed their creative process, different aspects of the new album, their gear preferences and much more. Find out this great chat in the links below, and as usual remember to stalk us us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.

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