Interview with Eric Gillette And Neal Morse (The Neal Morse Band)

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Making his mark in the contemporary progressive rock world with his much-celebrated band Spock’s Beard over 20 years ago, Neal Morse has continued evolving his career in the subsequent years at a breathtaking pace. He has released dozens of studio and live albums under his own name before morphing into the more collaborative Neal Morse Band, started two acclaimed super-groups Transatlantic and Flying Colors, launched the annual festival Morsefest which usually features epic set-lists performed as a one-off, and recorded countless side projects ranging from worship CDs to singer songwriter albums to other special collaborations. Not to mention his ongoing “Inner Circle” club which releases regular CDs & DVD’s filled with additional side material, be it blues tracks, rock operas, acoustic instrumental albums or just additional songs that didn’t fit onto his official releases.

Taking a pause during his Life + Times tour, Neal was able to chat with Scott Medina right before his Denver gig. They were also joined by Eric Gillette, who not only is an integral member of the Neal Morse Band but was also the featured lead guitarist in Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress tour last year. Eric has just recently debuted the first live performance of his solo music, spanning his two CDs Afterthought and The Great Unknown with a blistering set on the Cruise to the Edge. In this half-hour interview, Neal and Eric discuss this year’s upcoming Morsefest, the next Neal Morse Band album, Neal’s current Life + Times tour and much more. You can hear the whole interview audio below.


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