BILLY MORRISON Talks “The Morrison Project” Album & Recent Single Featuring OZZY OSBOURNE: “’Crack Cocaine’ is the OZZY Riff That Never Got Written!”

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Billy Morrison will release his third solo album, “The Morrison Project,” on April 19th via TLG/Virgin Music Group.

The British guitarist, singer, and songwriter is primarily known as the rhythm guitarist for Billy Idol‘s band for the past 15 years alongside lead guitarist Steve Stevens. “The Morrison Project” is the follow-up to Billy‘s critically acclaimed and smoking-hot 2015 solo release, “God Shaped Hole”.

“The Morrison Project” is a testament to Billy‘s diverse musical influences, featuring twelve new studio tracks. Six of these are enhanced by all-star performances of his closest friends, including Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, D.M.C., Al Jourgensen, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, Corey Taylor, Linda Perry, and John 5. The other six songs showcase Billy‘s punk ethos as he takes on lead vocal duties. From the haunting and bluesy “Crack Cocaine” with Ozzy and Steve Stevens, to the industrial rap with D.M.C. and Persia Numan, to the all-out punk assault on “It’s Come to This,” and “Dystopia,” the album is a masterclass in musical diversity. Regardless of the genre, every track’s underlying ebb and flow is the melody, making this album a must-listen for all music enthusiasts. “The Morrison Project” was mastered loud and deserves to be cranked!

“The Morrison Project” Album Artwork

Stream the recent single “Crack Cocaine,” HERE.

Correspondent Robert Cavuoto had an enthralling and insightful interview with Billy Morrison about how a song idea for his best friend Ozzy Osbourne sparked the creative process for creating a complete album. How his knack for selecting the right song for the right singer led him to work with so many of his friends. Billy also shares his love for pop and hip hop, which led him to collaborate with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Darryl McDaniels (aka D.M.C.) for the industrial track “Just Like a Movie.” The interview also delves into the background of the song he and Steve Stevens created for Billy Idol, “Mr. Dream.”

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