OVERKILL’s Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth: “We Have Always Felt Proud of Ourselves About Sounding as OVERKILL at the End of the Day, But Each Song in the New Record has its Individual Personality”

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In an age where music is available instantly and bands appear and fade just as quickly, the power and resiliency that is Overkill who’s initial social media was stuffing show flier ads under windshield wipers in the 80s, has remained as resolute as ever, and even more so. It’s with over 30 years under their leather belts that these New Jersey natives recently unleashed The Wings Of War, their 19th full length album. With the fresh addition of seasoned drummer Jason Bittner (ex-Shadows Fall, Flotsam And Jetsam, Stigmata), Overkill is experiencing a new chemistry this time around, truly giving the record a unique feel, turning it into the ultimate combination of sickening brutality and addictive melody. 

Amidst a North American tour with Death Angel and Mothership, Overkill are on overdrive as usual with no signs of coming to a halt. This most recent cycle has a different feel; an old formula that evolved with new life and new breath and that after all these years, still generates an exquisite power. Contributor and longtime fan Michael “MettleAngel” Francisco caught up with the band iconic front-man Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth before their recent performance at Bogarts, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Listen to their chat below, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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