CONCERT REVIEW: SHINEDOWN’s Planet Zero Tour Brings the Musical Heat to Mainsfield’s Rainy Tuesday Night (September 13th, 2022)

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This past Tuesday night the Planet Zero World Tour rolled into the Massachusetts’s Xfinity Center on a very humid, on and off rainy night but that didn’t stop the fans from showing up to tailgate in the parking lot a few hours before the doors opened. Games were being played, grills were smoking, and friends were being made getting ready to rock out while waiting. Hosting this tour was the one and only Shinedown. They brought some Tennessee boys out on the road with them to kick off this leg of the tour for some long exciting nights.

Opening up the night was John Harvie, an upcoming rock and roll artist with a hint of punk. During the pandemic he decided to take the music thing seriously and being asked to tour with one of the biggest names in rock and roll, he definitely made the right choice. Coming out on stage in a leather coat and pants was a bold move considering how hot it was in the crowd, let alone the stage! He actually made a comment about how it was not the right choice. The band behind him was energetic as each song was too. The seats weren’t full just yet, but he had some fun crowd interactions with getting hands up and waving side to side. Normally I would name off the band but it seems like he is more of a solo artist with backing musicians since I can’t find anything about them. With this tour he is supporting his new album that just dropped a few months back called “Told ya.” I have listened to it a few times and it’s a solid album. All in all, John Harvie was a great half an hour act to open up this show.


The 90,900 capacity venue started to fill in more while the second act was getting ready to hit the stage. That being the rugged Tennessee king of music right now, Jelly Roll. Personally, I have been a huge fan since I discovered him listening to a rap playlist. Yes, a rap playlist. He has taken some hard moments in his life and has created music for a few genres connecting with so many people such as rap, rock, and now country, connecting the genres and making some amazing music. He entered the stage with a massive smile on his face and his amazing band ready to entertain us. As he introduced his band you knew it was a family.

Two badass guitarists, a rippin’ bass player, a fun jammin drummer, along with a DJ and a synth player. While introducing the band they played a mashup of music with songs rolling into one another, like ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, ‘99 Problems’,which by the way Zach Myers joined him to rap, and ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’. Again, showing how clearly all sorts of music has shaped his style. Jelly Roll told the crowd he didn’t expect MA to show up for them, but the echoing of everyone signing the songs proved otherwise. People held up signs saying how his music saved their life, which he called out on stage to say he would be signing all of them which was really neat since I’ve only heard how humble this man is. Constantly pointing to fans, making eye contact, and signing along with them.

Usually photographers only get to shoot the first three songs, however, he allowed us to do what we love to do for his whole set! Again proving how humble he really must be. The stage presence was on fire. Literally, fire. Pyros popped off in almost every song at the right times when the bass drop would hit or the drummer (Cody Ash) would stand up to come down to smash on the toms, and all the sudden my face was melting. It was a great experience. “We came here together as a family” he said and you can just truly believe he meant it as we all felt it. Highly suggest you either check out his music or don’t miss a live show if it rolls through your town.


AT this point the arena was looking packaed, even though it was a “school night” and the weather wasn’t ideal. The twenty one year experienced band, Shinedown was about to take the stage. Not without a half hour stage set up taking place beforehand. Two massive screens stood on stage as the place went dark. It showed a montage from the tour and then into them presenting the album they are promoting on this tour, “Planet Zero”. The two massive screens then opened as the four members came out in a line to greet the screaming crowd. They then walked to their instruments and the show began.

Playing a variety of hits all night, from old to new, new to old, this polished band knows how to put on a show. An actual act. The band is a maestro and we were the orchestra. After the first two songs, they all bowed and lead singer Brent Smith said: “Welcome to our show”. Each member was charismatic, commanding the stage they stood on. They paid tribute to the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins at the end of a song playing a quick 15 seconds of “Hero” as Brent kissed up to the sky, which I thought was a class act, and they truly are.

Shinedown is represented by power house lead singer Brent Smith, well-known guitarist Zach Myers, bassist Eric Bass, and drummer Barry Kerch. As I said before they know how to put on a show: at some point Eric Bass told the audience that he wanted to bring a baby grand piano to Mansfield but it had to be suspended above the stage and it had to light up as he played it, well the hard working road crew made it happen, it was something I have never seen done before. Along with the massive light equipment that moved during every song to the band’s performance plus insane pyro and fireworks going off. It was an experience to say the least.

Watching friends, couples, and families sing to one another with huge smiles across their faces, you could feel love in the air. “What do you think the meaning of life is MA, it’s a very bold question but I ask you,” calling us a home to the band, “Well in our opinion it’s to live it. Every single day.” said Brent Smith. He made all of us feel that on Tuesday night. After having our minds blown and our hearts filled with happiness with music, Shinedown brought out Jelly Roll to the stage to have him and the entire crowd sing ‘Simple Man’. Seeing thousands of cell phones lights light up the venue, this night ended tremendously. I could write about this performance for another page honestly, it was amazing. I never want to miss a Shinedown show again seeing this two hour performance.

The Planet Zero World Tour has been taking over cities the last few months from the UK to the US and they are not stopping til the end of the year. If you can get out to this tour, please do it. You will absolutely regret missing one of this shows.



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  1. Really enjoyed reading your review of this show, as I just saw them in Syracuse on the 17th, and felt the same way – an amazing experience, not to be missed!!

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