TALKING PERSPECTIVES: A Recap of PROGSTOCK Festival 2019 (Episode No. 30)

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A month ago hundreds of progressive rock fans gathered together at New Jersey for three days of music and friendship. For a festival younger than my kindergarten-aged nephew, Progstock sure has brought some incredible talent to New Jersey. Having already featured such luminaries as In Continuum, Glass Hammer, the Dave Kerzner Band, and Enchant, the 2019 edition of the Rahway-based festival saw up-and-comers like Phideaux, The Cyberiam, and Talking Perspectives guest panelist Randy McStine perform alongside legit legends like Nektar, Saga, and 3.2 featuring Robert Berry.

Host Gonzalo Pozo is joined by returning panelist Mark Monforti of and the Music in Widescreen podcast; attendees Maria Hines and Patrick Johnson; and Progstock honcho Tom Palmieri as the panelists walk us through three days of music, community, and a growing buzz that by all accounts can best be described with a certain cut from “Deadwing”

Pop in those earbuds, find a household chore that will eat half your day, and queue #TalkingPerspectives30 stat, because this chat was so much fun and so informative, those two and half hours flew right by in just 150 minutes.


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