WITHIN TEMPTATION Shares Visualizer Video for New Single ‘Wireless’

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Dutch heavy rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION have released a visualizer for their new single, “Wireless”. The AI clip was by created by Adriano Theel of Titanfilmmedia.de.

WITHIN TEMPTATION stated about the new track: “‘Wireless’ is a fiery and heavy song that marks the start of a new era — an era in which we keep our WT DNA alive, but build upon with contemporary bombastic riffs, breakdowns, and epic choruses. This single takes aim at those who, hungry for war and turmoil, manipulate and control the media: ‘Wireless’ is a song about a soldier who goes to war convinced that he is going for a good cause. He’s indoctrinated by government-controlled media and thinks he’s going to be welcomed back as a savior, only to find out he has been used. This has resulted in people seeing him as a brutal conqueror instead, and now he finds himself on the wrong side. His life and the lives of many are deceived and destroyed.”

In recent years, WITHIN TEMPTATION shifted its focus from releasing albums to releasing a series of singles, enabling the band-members to indulge themselves in their creative processes thus delivering freshly inspired music. The group first released “Entertain You”, “The Purge” and “Shed My Skin”, singles that have all thrilled their fan-base, had great critical reception in Europe, peaked in the Top 20 of the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator charts and topped the official German charts. In July, WITHIN TEMPTATION also released the official Jeb Hardwick-directed music video for the “Don’t Pray For Me” single. It was the fourth single of the band’s independent releases and will lead up to WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s next studio album.

Last December, WITHIN TEMPTATION released the official music video for its latest single, “The Fire Within”. The clip was filmed during the band’s “Worlds Collide” European tour with EVANESCENCE. “The Fire Within” seven-inch single featured both the single version and instrumental version of the track.

WITHIN TEMPTATION‘s last album, “Resist”, was released in February 2019 through Spinefarm Records, the specialist hard rock label of Universal Music Group. “Resist” featured guest appearances by PAPA ROACH‘s Jacoby Shaddix, IN FLAMESAnders Fridén and ARID‘s Jasper Steverlinck.


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