Watch COHEED AND CAMBRIA Music Video For ‘Shoulders’

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COHEED AND CAMBRIA has shared the official music video for “Shoulders”, the band’s first proper studio recording in almost three years. Streaming now on COHEED AND CAMBRIA‘s YouTube channel, the Max Moore-directed video captures the band delivering a powerful performance of the track set within a cavernous industrial space. Watch it below.

COHEED AND CAMBRIA said: “As a band, we’ve always been a little outside of the mainstream and that’s helped keep us true to ourselves. As people, it’s important to focus on your strengths and who you are, and not try too hard for acceptance. Everyone is special and has their own unique contributions and that’s what the video represents.”

The song “Shoulders” was officially released on July 21 and has since amassed over a million streams and become the first song inside the top 40 at Active Rock radio in the band’s history, currently sitting at No. 31 with a bullet.

For the last 20 years, COHEED AND CAMBRIA have continuously broken the mold of what a rock band can be, forging their own path and building a universe around their music unlike any other. Whether it is in the way their genre-spanning approach to songwriting has allowed them to bridge worlds without being contained to one, or the multifaceted story arc of their albums and comic book series which mark the longest running concept story in music, COHEED AND CAMBRIA have consistently shaped new standards, never conformed.

“Shoulders” touches on the highs and lows of this journey, and how at times it can be frustrating to be an outsider to trendy circles, but in the end, doing it your own way has the biggest rewards.


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