WATAIN Release Official Live Video For ‘Ecstasies In Night Infinite (Live)’

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Ruthless Swedish black metal collective Watain has shared a second single from the upcoming live album, “Die In Fire – Live In Hell“, out November 3rd 2023 through Nuclear Blast Records. The live version of ‘Ecstasies in Night Infinite’, the ferocious opening track of Watain‘s latest album, “The Agony And Ecstasy Of Watain”, coincides with the release of another music video for the single, once again directed by Johan Bååth. Watch it below.

Erik Danielsson commented: ”With the videos for the live album we have attempted to convey at least a fraction of the primal psychedelic malevolence that possess us when we perform. The majority of the footage is from the same concert in Stockholm at which the album was recorded. It was then slaughtered and remolded by the skilled and manic artists credited at the end of the video. Turn off your mind, shut out the modern world and dissappear into these analogue nightmare visions of darkness and ecstasy.

Watain – ‘Ecstasies In Night Infinite (Live)’

After 25 years of madness and mayhem that manifested in seven studio albums, Watain‘s intense and much talked-about live rituals remain in a league of their own. Experience the raw power and fiery precision captured perfectly on this live recording from a sold out show that took place in October 2022 in Stockholm, and features fan favorites from albums such as “Casus Luciferi,” “Lawless Darkness,” “The Wild Hunt,” “Trident Wolf Eclipse” and of course the band’s latest offering, “The Agony And Ecstasy of Watain,” as well as the Bathory cover ‘The Return Of Darkness And Evil’. The audio was recorded by Jamie Elton and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio.

With all artwork created by vocalist and front man Erik Danielsson, “Die In Fire – Live In Hell” is not only a sonic but also a visual reflection of Watain’s touring cycle for “The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain”, and beyond that a symbol of gratitude for their loyal followers worldwide. “Die In Fire – Live In Hell” is a very personal release dedicated to all those who have joined the band on their path of lawless black metal darkness during the past 25 years.

“Die In Fire – Live In Hell (Agony And Ecstasy Over Stockholm)” is available for pre-order HERE.

“Die In Fire – Live In Hell” Artwork

“Die In Fire – Live In Hell” track listing 

  1. Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live)
  2. Black Salvation (Live)
  3. The Howling (Live)
  4. Black Flames March (Live)
  5. Reaping Death (Live)
  6. Devil’s Blood (Live)
  7. Serimosa (Live)
  8. Before the Cataclysm (Live)
  9. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Live)
  10. Not Sun nor Man nor God (Live)
  11. Nuclear Alchemy (Live)
  12. Malfeitor (Live)

The live album is available in the following formats:

  • Digital Album
  • CD
  • Vinyl (2LP w/ 8 page booklet)
  • 1 LP transp. yellow, 1 LP transp. red
  • 1 LP gold , 1 LP oxblood – band exclusive

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