THE GUESS WHO Announces New Album “Plein D’Amour”, Shares Music Video for Single ‘The King’

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Legendary Canadian band THE GUESS WHO will release a new studio album, “Plein D’Amour”, later in the year through its new partnership with Deko Entertainment. The official music video for the LP’s first single, “The King”, can be seen below.

Following its critically acclaimed 2018 recording “The Future IS What It Used To Be”, THE GUESS WHO is currently gearing up to release its latest creation, “Plein D’Amour”. Band-members Derek Sharp, Michael Staertow, Leonard Shaw, Michael Devin and founding member Garry Peterson have crafted a collection of songs that raises the bar and continues to take things up a notch both musically and sonically.

Staertow said: “We couldn’t think of a better time to introduce the world to an exceptional collection of songs that exude positivity and cohesive energy, a much-needed cultural antidote. Now we ARE love — ‘Plein D’Amour’!”

Peterson added: “After recording this album, and living with it for a while, I believe this is the best album that I have played on.”

Deko Entertainment president Bruce Pucciarello said: “This new song collection is a progressive-pop blend of well-written material and the musicianship is over the top. Decades later, this band still blows me away.”

Sharp said: “‘The King’ is a nod to ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again’ … however, loving kindness is a universal balm, which can not only put Humpty together again, but turn him into a Prince!”

THE GUESS WHO enjoyed chart-topping hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s with an impressive catalogue of songs, including “American Woman”, “These Eyes” and “No Time”. During the course of its career, the band has released 11 studio albums, all of which charted in Canada and the United States. THE GUESS WHO is best known internationally for its 1970 album “American Woman”, which hit No. 1 in Canada and No. 9 in the United States, with five other albums also hitting the Top 10 in Canada. All in all, THE GUESS WHO boasts 14 Top 40 singles in the United States and more than 30 in Canada.

THE GUESS WHO is primed to take its stunning new music to even greater heights with its spectacular live show. The band is ready to start the newest chapter of its illustrious career in partnership with Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group) commencing with the forthcoming release of “Plein D’Amour”.

In addition to “The King”, “Plein D’Amour” includes seven more new tracks. The LP was recorded at Villa Sound in Singhampton, Ontario, Canada with Adam Fair.


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