Unofficial BATHORY Biography “From Hades To Valhalla… BATHORY – The Epic Story” To Be Released In English For The First Time

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Pagan Records and Monomaniax will release the English-language edition of “From Hades To Valhalla… Bathory – The Epic Story”, the unofficial biography of one of the most influential metal bands of all time. Written by renowned metal journalist José Luis Cano Barron, this comprehensive tome delves into the band’s illustrious career, offering an uncensored and carefully researched account of its groundbreaking music and enduring legacy.

“From Hades To Valhalla… Bathory – The Epic Story” will be available from May 29, and can be pre-ordered via Pagan Records HERE.

Originally published in Spanish, “From Hades To Valhalla… Bathory – The Epic Story” has been translated into English, making this essential work accessible to a wider audience. With 156 vibrant pages packed with rare photographs, illustrations, and reproductions, the book chronicles Bathory‘s journey from their early black metal roots to their Viking metal mastery, painting a vivid portrait of a band that defied categorisation and shaped the very sound of black and extreme metal.

“From Hades To Valhalla… Bathory – The Epic Story” goes beyond mere biography, offering a deep analysis of Bathory’s music and its impact on the metal scene. Cano Barron draws upon his extensive knowledge and insider access to provide insights into the creative genius of Bathory‘s enigmatic leader, Quorthon.

“From Hades To Valhalla… Bathory – The Epic Story” is an essential addition to the library of any metal fan. With its captivating narrative, wealth of historical detail, and stunning visuals, this book offers a unique and immersive exploration of one of metal’s most revered bands.

José Luis Cano Barron is a seasoned metal journalist, author, and producer with a deep passion for the genre. His previous works include “Black Metal Y Sus Antecedentes Siniestros En El Rock Y El Heavy Metal 1960-1994”“Cry Out For Metal! The Gama Records Bands”“Banzai Records – The Power Of Canadian Steel Blade” and “Reporte De Guerra – 40 Años De Sodom 1982-2022”.


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