STABBING WESTWARD Signs Record Deal with COP International To Release “Wasteland,” First New LP Since 2001; Working With Original Producer John Fryer

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Just months after releasing its first new material in 18 years, STABBING WESTWARD continues its newfound momentum, announcing a recording deal with COP International to release the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, “Wasteland”, alongside at least one new single in 2020.

In January, the respected industrial rock band released the EP “Dead And Gone” with all-new material, featuring the bold title track as well as the darkly atmospheric and dreamy “Crawl”, the riveting dance-floor fury of “Cold” plus remixes that showcases a revitalized band performing at the same heights of intensity that originally made them a success. Hear the new music here.

The EP’s title coyly illustrates that STABBING WESTWARD is in fact neither dead nor gone, but rather ready to pick up where they left off after a string of mid-’90s hits that dominated alternative radio and film soundtracks, including “Shame”, “Save Yourself”, “So Far Away” and “What Do I Have to Do?”, and resulted in two gold records.

“Dead and Gone” EP Artwork

To recapture that early chemistry, the band — featuring original founding members Christopher Hall (vocals/guitar) and Walter Flakus (keyboards/programming) as well as longtime band-mate Carlton Bost (bass) and newest member Bobby Amaro (drums) — has again recruited its original producer, the legendary John Fryer for the upcoming “Wasteland” release. It will be the first LP from the band since 2001. Fryer, whose production credits include DEPECHE MODE, NINE INCH NAILS, 4AD, COCTEAU TWINS and LOVE AND ROCKETS, was behind the boards on STABBING WESTWARD‘s seminal early albums “Ungod” (1994) and “Wither Blister Burn + Peel” (1996).

“It’s grand to be working with STABBING WESTWARD again,” says Fryer. “The first two albums we made together were some of my finest work as a producer.”

Hall adds: “I was so excited to have the opportunity to go back to the very roots of STABBING WESTWARD by working with John again. John really helped us develop our sound on our first album and then helped us take a huge leap forward with our second album. Even though this is our fifth full-length, after such a long break it feels like a new beginning and it’s very cool to have John at the helm once again.”

Flakus adds: “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with John again. The creativity we found on the first two records continues to drive where we want to take STABBING WESTWARD in the years to come. I’m so happy to rekindle that flame.”

Christian Petke, founder of COP International, says: “We wanted to put the dream team of STABBING WESTWARD and John Fryer back together again.” Of the collaboration with the band, he adds: “First and foremost, we are fans. We truly appreciate the talent and skill of the musicians that entrust us with their creations and we will do whatever it takes to help them to create their best work on their own terms. What is of utmost importance to us is to give our artists a boutique experience. We want to create a partnership that is probably closer to a management deal than a traditional record contract.”

More information will be released soon regarding “Wasteland” and a new single from the album, as well as other developments STABBING WESTWARD has in store for 2020 and beyond.

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