ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Premieres Concert Film Performance of latest album “Zodiac”

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Following the release of its ambitious sophomore LP “Zodiac,” New Jersey-based hard rock group One Hundred Thousand is excited to share the world premiere of its visually stunning concert film performance of the album today via YouTube Live

Recorded in April 2021 by video crew Alex Dell’Aquila and Alex Ruiz at an undisclosed location in Totowa, NJ, One Hundred Thousand offers up this performance as a thank you to its growing audience, who connected with the band during the gloom of a global pandemic in 2020. The album’s rollercoaster of anguish, jubilation, regret and disillusionment is on full display during The Zodiac Album live with the stark dynamics of the studio recording coalesced with the energy, sweat and assiduity of a live show — even one with a virtual audience.

Watch the entire performance below.

After touring on its 2016 debut album, “The Forms In Which They Appear” (co- produced by the band and Sevendust’s Clint Lowery), One Hundred Thousand solidified its heavy progressive sound, completed their five-piece band lineup in mid-2017, and began laying the groundwork for “Zodiac.The album is an explosive musical revelation that explores the life and death of the ego through soaring melodic peaks, visceral percussive battery and evocative lyrics.
The music for the album was inspired by the classic character traits of each sign of the “Zodiac. The lyrics trace a protagonist’s path from a devastating personal loss, through the illusion of hope to an enigmatic finale over the course of one year. 
One Hundred Thousand’s “Zodiac is a valuable statement in rock at a time when the genre is begging for disruption. Its showcase of musicianship is buoyed by an unwavering loyalty to composition and is just what modern progressive rock and metal are looking for.


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