MONSTROSITY Reveal Details For First Studio Album In 11 Years; Launch New Single, “Cosmic Pandemia”

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Florida death metallers MONSTROSITY will release their first studio album in 11 years, “The Passage Of Existence”, on September 7 via Metal Blade Records. The disc’s first single, “Cosmic Pandemia”, can be streamed below.

Drummer Lee Harrison recorded his drum tracks at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with veteran metal producer Jason Suecof. A week was spent creating rock solid drum tracks. Guitar and bass tracks were handled at Ascension Sound in Tampa with the vocal tracks being recorded at OBITUARY‘s Redneck Studios in Gibsonton, Florida. The mix was handled by producer Mark Lewis (MEGADETH) and the resulting album was born.

Comments Harrison: “First off, I present to you the masterpiece of masterpieces in the MONSTROSITY universe. This album requires a certain justice though, and I ask you, as the listener, to properly step up to the task. Don’t play this recording on a cheap portable radio or your tiny ear buds. This album was built to be played loud on a killer system. Do yourself that favor, at least for the first few times you play it.

“I know it’s so horribly cliché to say ‘Play it Loud,’ but I can honestly say this album is made for that. Listen to it multiple times. These songs are going to ‘pop’ live, too. Can’t wait to bring these songs to the stage. I’m curious to see the opinions. The response by the fans to the teaser clip we posted was super positive, so I’ll be so glad when the single is released and the years of hard work finally come to fruition. Hope to see you guys on the road soon and blast it!”

“Cosmic Pandemia” Album Artwork

“The Passage Of Existence” track listing:

  1. Cosmic Pandemia
  2. Kingdom Of Fire
  3. Radiated
  4. Solar Vacuum
  5. The Proselygeist
  6. Maelstrom
  7. Eyes Upon The Abyss
  8. Dark Matter Invocation (limited digi-CD bonus)
  9. The Hive
  10. Eternal Void (limited digi-CD bonus)
  11. Century
  12. Slaves To The Evermore

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