KATAKLYSM Front-man MAURIZIO IACONO Solo Project INVICTUS Release “Bleed Me Out” Lyric Video

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INVICTUS, the solo project led by Maurizio Iacono, will release their debut full-length, “Unstoppable,” on October 21 via MNRK Heavy, and today they unveiled the lyric video for their latest single, “Bleed Me Out”.

Iacono elaborares of the track, “’Bleed Me Out’ is a song that deals with reopening old life wounds over and over and not being able to close them up. Eventually those turn into scars. I got plenty of them battle scars in my life time; the important thing is to keep moving forward. That’s ultimately the message behind this song, a diverse track musically that has enormous hooks. It’s one of my faves on the album.”

Well-respected as the singer of Kataklysm and Ex Deo, head of Hard Impact Artist Management, founder of Distortion Music Group, and co-owner of hard-and-heavy booking agency Continental Touring, Iacono delivers dynamic new layers of heaviness and melody with his latest creative vehicle. A Latin epithet for various Roman deities, “Invictus” translates to “unconquered” or “invincible,” a theme present throughout Iacono’s latest output. “I’ve explored many facets of the music business, from performing, writing, and producing to managing,” he explains. “But I’d never explored that deep down energy inside my thoughts which drives me to compete and, in many ways, survive everything thrown at me.”

The eleven songs that comprise Unstoppable offer an unflinching view of an unbreakable spirit, examined through the lens of ambitious, unapologetic heavy music. Iacono executed his vision alongside longtime collaborator J-F Dagenais (guitarist for Kataklysm and Ex Deo) and producer/main songwriter Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within). Powerhouse drummer Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc., Inhuman Condition) rounded out the record with a blistering performance. Iacono got to know Clancy, who often works alongside Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap, while making Kataklysm’s fourteenth album, 2020’s “Unconquered.” “Chris is an excellent songwriter and vocalist with a lot of talent,” Iacono says. “We have a lot in common with our musical tastes.”

The sound of INVICTUS resonates deeply with all those who forged themselves in the fire of life’s obstacles. Conceived as an unflinching examination of fury and determination, INVICTUS explores the depths of struggle, frustration, and perseverance that shaped Iacono into the man he is today.

Comments Iacono, “My whole career has been about overcoming obstacles and reaching the light while keeping true to myself. This is a project that, regardless of the outcome, needed to be done for my soul. I’m very honored to have had Chris Clancy, J-F Dagenais, and Jeramie Kling by my side in this new endeavor. “Unstoppable” is the gateway to self-preservation and perseverance and I hope you all enjoy it!”

Adds Clancy, “I was really honored to have Maurizio reach out to me and ask me to be a part of everything when he decided it was time he did a solo project. It’s not often I have the chance to be so heavily involved in writing and working alongside people I look up to, so I jumped at the chance. We put some ideas together between us and everything just worked. I couldn’t believe how easily it all fell into place; how every idea we had just worked and fueled another idea. The music has gone from strength to strength, and I’ve never had so much fun. I think the music is absolutely brutal with a solid dose of anthemic moments scattered throughout. ‘Exiled’ is a perfect example of what this album is about. It’s everything I’ve wanted to hear from a band for years and I’m stoked to be in it.”

“Unstoppable” was released on CD, LP, cassette, and digitally. Order it at THIS LOCATION.

“Unstoppable” Track Listing:

1. You Will Know Who I Am
2. Eagles
3. Bleed Me Out
4. Exiled
5. Get Up
6. Weaponized
7. 3656
8. Ghost Of My Father
9. Darkest Of Enemies
10. American Outcast
11. Keeping The Wolves At Bay

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