HELMET Returns With New Album “Left” and Music Video For “Big Shot”

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Legendary alternative rock band Helmet has released their new album, “Left”, and the official music video for the song “Big Shot”. The album is their first since 2016’s critically acclaimed “Dead To The World”.

The official music video for “Big Shot” is a visually restrained and retro-infused affair that captures the spirit of the song. The band performs in a dark and desolate room, while the camera angles change between them and flashing lights. Check it out below.

Helmet“Big Shot”

“Left” sees Helmet frontman Page Hamilton and drummer Kyle Stevenson reuniting with guitarist Dan Beeman and bassist Dave Case for a muscular and direct album that is powered by unbridled determination and a renewed sense of purpose. Hamilton‘s lead guitar lines feel like everything from downed power lines arcing to exploding resistors in shortwave radios, while the snare drum hits like gunfire and the solos are seemingly manifestations of rabies-induced psychosis.

The album’s opening track, “Holiday”, sets the tone with its heavy riffs and evocative lyrics: “Time for your holiday serial murder / How time slips away”. Helmet take no prisoners in their direct and unfiltered expression, leaving listeners with a lasting impact and a sense of urgency to examine the world around them.

The album’s 11 songs are leaner and meaner in their execution than previous Helmet albums, but they lose none of the band’s signature power and intensity. “Left” is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock, heavy metal, and anyone who appreciates music that is both challenging and thought-provoking.


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