“HELLOWEEN” Photo Collection, Featuring Rare And Never-Seen-Before Photos Of BLACK SABBATH, KISS And OZZY OSBOURNE

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Newly unearthed photos of Black Sabbath, KISS and Ozzy Osbourne will arrive on October 30th as part of Quidd and POP Culture, Inc.’s next release of images, dubbed “Helloween,” from the recently unearthed vaults of Retna Pictures and London Features International.

The astonishing photos are part of an extensive collection Pop Culture, Inc., acquired the rights to in 2022. While the number of images is still being tallied, preliminary estimates suggest a staggering eight million slides are part of the acquisition. A dedicated curator is meticulously cataloguing the spectacular music history, which had remained hidden in the long-forgotten archives.

Available exclusively through Quidd’s marketplace HERE as digital collectibles, the images are presented as 3D slides, with each slide meticulously scanned and then hand-crafted into fully manipulable 3D files. Collectors and fans will also enjoy the archivists’ hand-written notes from the initial cataloguing of the historic slides.

Pop Culture, Inc. and Quidd plan to release a new collection of images each month. The partners’ most recent offering was focused on The Beatles, with the collectibles selling out within three days of the on-sale. November will see a Rolling Stones collection, also featuring rare and never-seen-before images.

“We are excited about these magical collections, showcasing many photos that have never before been seen,” remarked Hayden Michael, CEO of POP Culture, Inc. “Our curator, Chris Vranian, has spent countless hours searching in old filing cabinets, most of which had not seen the light of day in half a century.”

Jon Nelson, Vice President of Quidd, shared his enthusiasm, saying: Quidd continues to redefine the world of collecting, this time with exclusive treasures from music history. This Fall, we’re thrilled to partner with POP Culture, Inc. to unveil rare, unseen photos of legendary musicians. I, personally, am so excited to be a small part of getting these iconic photos out to the public!”

Sample of an Ozzy Osbourne Collectible Photograph
Sample of a KISS Collectible Photograph


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