EXTORTIONIST Releases New Single ‘A Grim Disconnect’ Taken From Upcoming EP “Devoid”

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Heavy metal mainstays Extortionist have released their latest track ‘A Grim Disconnect’ which can be found on the band’s upcoming EP “Devoid”, out on Friday, December 1.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, vocalist Ben Hoagland commented: “‘A Grim Disconnect’ is about feeling “disconnected” from everyone and everything I’ve been involved with, including my own self. Referencing feelings of isolation, dissociation, and overall just feeling out of place. And also the state of confusion and internal conflict that follow with the subjects previously mentioned.”

Band names go a long way in helping paint a figurative picture in the listener’s mind of what to expect before one ever hits “play.” When it comes to Extortionist, you think crime, you think gritty, raw, merciless and unsavory and maybe, just maybe, a little sprinkling of suaveness.

When it comes to the Pacific Northwest’s resident moshslingers, those premonitions from their name are exactly what you get. As a band who have proven themselves exemplary at styles of heavy music ranging from downtempo deathcore to grunge-tinted metal, Extortionist are more than just a jack-of-all-trades; they’re masters. Utilizing bold, roaring guitars overtop crushing, steamrolling percussion and vocals that run the gamut from guttural to grating, pitched singing and topped off with a now-infamous dodgeball-smack snare, Extortionist have proven that not only are they incredible at what they do, they’re a band that the heavy scene just can’t go without.

“Devoid” is available to pre-order HERE.

“Devoid” Track Listing:

  1. Out of Touch
  2. A Grim Disconnect
  3. Stockholm
  4. Drained of Life

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