ENTERPRISE EARTH Drop Official Music Video For “Blood and Teeth”

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Enterprise Earth has unleashed today upon the world their new album “Death: An Anthology” (via MNRK Heavy). In celebration of the news, the band shared their intensely brutal yet deeply poignant latest offering “Blood and Teeth” along with the accompanying music video.

Speaking about Blood and Teeth, the band shared: “‘Blood and Teeth’ lays out a gut-wrenching story of poisonous attachment, a cycle of self-harm and submission to the tragic realization of how much pain one can put themselves through for the sake of another’s admiration. Musically, this is the most elaborate song on ‘Death: An Anthology‘.

Moving through a clean piano intro, to blazing leads over a catchy groove, to death metal riffage, to a catchy metalcore adjacent chorus, to a dare we say sexy bridge, only to unleash the filthiest breakdown of the album at the end. The video is a direct visual representation of this and we hope it evokes an emotional response similar to the ones felt in its production.

When asked about the album, guitarist, backing vocalist, and producer Gabe Mangold commented:

I consider ‘Death: An Anthology‘ to be our most expressive, intense, diverse, and finest work that Enterprise Earth has ever achieved so far and I hope I can say that with everybody of music that we release. This album was SO much fun to create from every facet and while there are many peaks of brutality and valleys of melodic expressiveness, I hope the listener experiences the same emotions while listening that we did while creating: sheer enjoyment, empowerment, unity, catharsis, and so much more. Drown in Abyss, let it take us.

Catch Enterprise Earth on their spring headlining run dubbed “Death: An Anthology North American Tour” alongside Inferi, Crown Magnetar and Tracheotomy. Ticket + VIP Package information can be found AT THIS LOCATION.


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