RICHIE FAULKNER’s ELEGANT WEAPONS Reveal Music Video For “Horns For A Halo” Album Title Track

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The official Lief Thomason-directed music video for “Horns For A Halo”, the title track of the debut album from ELEGANT WEAPONS, the new project featuring guitarist Richie Faulkner (JUDAS PRIEST) and singer Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, MSG), can be seen below. The LP, which is being released last Friday (May 26) via Nuclear Blast, was recorded with bassist Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) and drummer Scott Travis (JUDAS PRIEST) and was helmed by acclaimed British producer Andy Sneap, who has previously worked with JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, EXODUS and MEGADETH, among many others.

Faulkner stated about the “Horns For A Halo” title track: “Unmistakably dark and brooding, light and dark, good and evil. A mid-paced blend of Birmingham and Seattle with a slice of thrash thrown in. The title track ‘Horns For A Halo’ is like Tony Iommi crossed with ALICE IN CHAINS. It’s about the way we justify the bad things we do. When we turn up on Judgement Day, will the angels kind of confuse our horns for halos, if you know what I mean.”

Order “Horns For A Halo” at THIS LOCATION.

As for the music, Richie describes it as “a mix of Jimi Hendrix, Priest, Sabbath, solo Ozzy and Black Label Society, but with a lot of melody, sort of old school and modern at once if that makes any sense, and actually down-tuned a whole step. There are a lot of guitar solos and the songs are on the heavier side. And even though there’s a lot of melody, it’s still going to shake your bones.

“Horns For A Halo” track listing:

 1. Dead Man Walking
 2. Do Or Die
 3. Blind Leading The Blind
 4. Ghost Of You
 5. Bitter Pill
 6. Lights Out
 7. Horns For A Halo
 8. Dirty Pig
 9. White Horse
10. Downfall Rising

“Horns For A Halo” Album Artwork

ELEGANT WEAPONS will also soon be hitting the road in Europe beginning in June and running through July, which will include performances with Pantera, festival appearances, and also headlining their own shows. Tickets to the shows can be purchased via THIS LINK.

“We are very much looking forward to touring and our first tour dates are taking place in Europe starting in June 2023. Fans can expect heavy songs with catchy melodies, great vocals, and lots of riffs! We all live to play live, and can’t wait to take the ELEGANT WEAPONS out onto the live stage.”

Lastly, Faulkner sees a promising/long road ahead for ELEGANT WEAPONS. “As far as the future, we are all dedicated to giving this band the longest life we can. Live shows, tours and future albums. Growing with the fans along the way. The writing process for the second album is already underway and with live dates coming in thick and fast, we are looking forward to seeing how the future evolves for ELEGANT WEAPONS.


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